Turning and milling

All the preliminary machining is done inside our turning and milling department starting from steel bar or forged, in different types of material. In the same department coexist fully authomatic processes for mass production and flexible tools for smaller batches or prototypes.

Inside this area we also prepare the half processed parts for the following treatments: protection of the fragile areas, positioning for distortion reduction and quality controls are done by our inspectors.


High precision external, internal, plain, eccentric and centerless grinding allow us to grant the strictest demands in terms of roughness, geometric accuracy and repeatability. GMG takes care of the design and construction of specific grinding tools. The application of sensors capable of reading up to a thousand of millimeter both in process and machine side allows GMG to do a 100% double control on the critic dimensions without any wasted time.


GMG has two indipendent seperate assembly lines that are necessary to costantly feed our customers engine assembly line. The assembled and protected crankshaft exits our lines ready to fit the engine crankcase.

The runout and phase angle error is done on the line on every crankshaft or camshaft as a warranty of correctly executed machinings.The assembly tools are designed and build inside GMG, just like the machining ones.

Laser etching

The laser etching activity is now a fundamental process toh ave a complete traceability of the most critical parts. We can print over almost any material: brand, serial numbers, part numbers or matrix codes.